Family Tree Listing

Family trees are current as of October, 2012 and represent available information.  If you know of any missing individuals or have changes to report (marriages, births, deaths), please let me know at Brad Address.
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All tree images are in JPG format.  In most cases, your browser will shrink the image to fit the screen size.  If it does, try clicking on the image to zoom in, and then use the scroll bars to move around.
  The Dinerman tree (1 MB)
  The Friedman tree, including Friedman, Freedman, Freed and Frajdenrajch (1.3 MB)
   The combined Dinerman and Friedman trees (2 MB)
   The Hurst and Katz tree (1 MB)
   The Finkle tree (800 KB)
   The combined Hurst, Katz and Finkle trees (1.7 MB)
   The Sherman tree (500 KB)
   The Kaplan tree (425 KB)
   The combined Sherman and Kaplan trees (800 KB)